Alpaca Fiber & High Fashion

Haute Couture ( is the creation of garments or accessories exclusively, either for certain people or the use of certain materials. CHIMBORA imposes a trend in hats for winter seasons. After many hours of research and hard work we have been able to get to know the special nature of this fiber.

To start we are not talking about any fiber, this is a delight for those who touch it and a privilege for those who have it.

The great work that the artisans do to build these hats is of excellence, the thoroughness with which they perform their work, the perfection with which they look for in each point of the fabric to be exact. It shows us the similarities with high fashion garments, because this is what happens with them. Hard work, a lot of dedication, the predominance of manual work and the use of fabrics or fibers of the best qualities is what makes high fashion unique.

And it is so, that today the garments and accessories of the elegant alpaca fiber are stealing attention in several catwalks around the world. The elegance of the Alpaca fiber comes from the fineness of each hair, since it has diameters that vary between 17 and 30 microns, this means that if you compare it with a human hair it is almost a third of the normal thickness. We are talking about something extremely fine!

The hair contains microscopic air bubbles in its interior providing freshness, but at the same time, like a chameleon it changes according to the temperature since in extremely cold climates it gives you 30% more heat than other wool fibers.

Definitely if you are looking for something elegant, exclusive and of great quality. CHIMBORA hats are your best choice.

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