Help! To Conserve Biodiversity!

Help! To Conserve Biodiversity! 

The guarantee that there continues to be a variety of living species on earth, living in a wide variety of places. It depends on us!

Through the BioTrade which is nothing more than aid through commerce. Based on the respect all living species deserve and nature in general. As we have in this case, Alpaca fiber, in relation to the production and sale of animal fibers, we collaborate with our grain of sand for this great change to happen. Well, these species are conserved according to the demand.

Due to the great appreciation that this fiber has had worldwide since it was considered among the most elegant fibers and antiallergenic, it offers great comfort. But, if we leave the textile landscape we can realize the true blessing that these animals are for our planet. Thanks to the reinsertion of Alpacas in our paramos, there has been the greatest recovery of vegetation cover, plant species, water sources among others, great changes and improvements for our ecosystems.

How is this achieved!?

By helping developing countries find national and international markets. Without forgetting the small companies. In order to ensure that their goods are produced in a sustainable manner.

Ecuador is one of the nations with the greatest biodiversity, and this is how it has been incorporated and has placed its full confidence in our products woven with Alpaca fiber, incorporating them into fashion shows and haute couture catwalks.

That is what Chimbora does, not only sell a product, but we support the change from the protection to the animals such as the alpacas that at a given moment due to ignorance people were allowing their extinction in our country, without knowing that they were so necessary for our ecosystems. We are committed to nature, to our artisans and to the world.

"It's true that all we need is a great teaching"

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