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The clock is ticking down to Chimbora's website and product launch in the USA. We are now scheduled to launch our hats in Ecuador next week at the Sunrise Cafe and in the US in early February via our online website Everyone will be able to afford one of our luxurious Alpaca hats keeping you luxuriously warm all winter long, so what will you get when you buy a premium Alpaca hat and how much will they cost?

7 Benefits of Buying a Chimbora Hat

1. All hats are made of premium Alpaca yarn, so durability and quality will be optimal. 

2. All hats are handmade - Chimbora labels are sewn on too! Every purchase helps the women's cooperative with whom we work and supports their values and tradition! 

3. Each hat is roughly 19 cm in width by 31 cm in length, so we are not skimping on the amount of Alpaca yarn in your hat. 

4. We you buy a Chimbora hat you are helping out an indigenous community of hand knitters in Ecuador become self sustainable and support their values and tradition. 

5. When you buy a Chimbora hat you are supporting a Minnesotan LLC and small business! 

6. When you buy a Chimbora hat you will be keeping your head as warm as possible since most experts say Alpaca Wool is 30% warmer than Sheep's Wool due to the hollow pockets of warmth within its fibers. 

7. I just can't say enough how amazing this hat is. It's the best hat money can buy, because everything about this hat is PREMIUM. Give us a try and return your hat in 7 days if you are unsatisfied with it. NUMBER 7 is the great customer service you will receive from Chimbora! 

Our hats will retail for $35 and up. I have not seen a hat anywhere online with more value than you will get in this hat and if you buy two hats through our website,, SHIPPING will be free! Our product is currently available for online retail in Ecuador ONLY. If you have any questions about our product, please contact us at

Best wishes in 2018! - Nick 

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