The Gold of the Andes

Alpaca fiber, considered one of the world's most elegant fibers. In the Andes, the climatic conditions are extreme, with drastic cold temperatures and it is extraordinarily dry. But the worst is the altitude and that is why at 4,000 meters above sea level, the significant danger is not so much the cold, but the solar radiation.

Few animals can survive this strong radiation and among those few are our beautiful Alpacas which is why they are clearly considered “The Gold of the Andes".

This animal was domesticated about 700 years ago, by Andean shepherds who made a new species by mixing the vicuna and the guanaco and that is how the Alpacas were born. 

The fiber that is obtained from these animals is luxurious. If we review the history, Alpaca fiber was reserved only for the Inca nobility. During these times the dress of the nobility was crowns of gold and more precious stones. Among them was the Alpaca fiber and as it was considered, “The Gold of the Andes". The garments had to be made with this fiber, no other. 

Besides being one of the most luxurious fibers in the world, it is really soft and resistant. When you listen very softly, it is like a feeling of frenzy when in contact with this fiber. Undoubtedly, it gives you a sense of freshness and at the same time it provides you with shelter. It is resistant to water and for people who are allergic to wool, it is a gift from heaven, because it is anti-allergenic thanks to its properties and especially to the fact that it does not contain lanolin which gives it an added value, because it could even be used for baby clothes.

The cellular composition of the Alpaca fiber is very similar to that of human hair, because it contains a core that is composed of air-filled cells, thus providing the protection, lightness and insulating properties that is hoarded in any fiber, but only the fiber of Alpaca gives you everything in one. A more than wide range of natural colors that gives you highlighting. Among them are black, gray, beige, wine and brown. 

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Author: Nataly Gutama

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