What began as a little obsession quickly grew into a whole-hearted passion when Minnesotan Nicholas Barringer and Cuencana Nataly Gutama stumbled upon the Alpaca fiber in a local Alpaca store in Cuenca, Ecuador, and became infatuated with the Alpaca animal and the luxuriousness of its fur. A clothing brand was instantly created, called "Chimbora". 

Chimbora was founded in late 2017. Its mission is to educate people on the extraordinary benefits of using Alpaca wool versus using regular sheep's wool. Our goal is to create a product that is appealing to our consumer for daily use due to its simplicity in style and generate an appreciation for its natural qualities such as its exceptional warmth, waterproof capabilities, and non-itchy feel to the skin. 

Our first collection will consist of a small line of classical style watch hats that are simple yet elegant. They will come in two different yarns and in a variety of colors, designed by us and hand knitted by a small women's cooperative located in the Andes Mountains.


Our hats are of premium quality and handmade to perfection by a local cooperative made up of 89 women. These women spend various hours knitting our hats and are paid an honest hourly wage.

The women in the cooperative are passionate about their jobs and have nearly 20 years of knitting experience. They have participated in national and international competitions, having placed first in many of them. By buying our hats, you are contributing to their economic and social well being, as well as supporting their core values, environment, education, women's rights, and a valuable heritage of traditional craftsmanship. 


Alpaca is warmer, stronger, lighter and softer than other quality contenders for high-end luxury materials such as cashmere and merino wool. Famous for its luxurious fleece and its versatility, it won’t shrink or pill if given correct care, is hypoallergenic, and has water resistant properties. Alpaca absorbs little humidity from the surrounding environment. It is thermally insulating, making it perfect for winter wear, as well as for accessories for outdoor sports such as hiking and skiing.

The most impressive characteristic of Alpaca is that it boasts the largest range of natural colors out of all the natural fibers. With the correct care, it is virtually indestructible and can last for years. 


Chimbora is committed and determined to educate the world about one of the world's top natural fibers and to impact the local indigenous community by supporting local knitters, and offering its consumers with the best Alpaca clothing products on the market.